Air Breathing Compressor

Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life

We take great pride and commitment to bring you the best possible solutions for your Air Breathing Compressor needs. 
Mainly focus on Bauer and Coltri Brand.

Junior, Oceanus, Mariner & Poseidon

Icon, Compact, Smart & Ergo

-Normal Servicing – 100 Hours
-Major Servicing – 1000 Hours
-Air Quality Check 
-Compressor Health Check (to test your compressor equipment’s performance, operational efficiency, and air quality)
-Failure Parts Replacement 
NOT Includes Motor or Engine Service Maintenance

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Full Face Mask (FFM)

We clean it, fix it, record it and send it back to you; for confident, year-long, ‘Safe breathing in all Environments’.
Proper Recording, Maintenance and Service of SCUBA, at least annually, is a legally binding duty up on professional divers and diving schools.

But some recreational divers (who are not so regulated) omit taking sensible safety measures with their life support equipment!
Recent increment in diving accidentals, has demonstrated that improper use of, or failed maintenance of diving equipment is a major factor. 
Each mask and demand valve we service is logged and recorded for its performance and complicity with required routines.